Project Management

Our obligation is to deliver the Project in time, within the projected expenses and in accordance with the required quality!

Forming is one of the leading companies in this region. We have developed a methodology that enables us to plan and organize the realization of building projects for our clients.

In performing their job our expert team utilizes the latest world experiences related to the Project Management and advanced programing tools. To our clients, that can be owners or  contractors, we secure a complete control over project execution from the planning phase until the taking over.  During the realization we coordinate and direct towards the agreed targets and at the end we analyze the accomplished.

Throughout all the phases of project execution we manage:

- completeness and volume,

- time, expenses and quality,

- risks and variations.

- resources, communication and documentation.

Some of the significant projects that we have managed are: construction of a number of OPEL and CHEVROLET automobile shops,  construction of new residential complex in Benkovac (57 structures) and Kistanje (2 structures) for Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Administration.

Trust us with confidence and let us manage your investment projects. You won’t make a mistake!


We design and provide prescribed documentation


We secure compliances with prescribed standards and quality


We take care of project completion within agreed: time, budget and quality


Providing internationally accepted certificates we enhance the value of newly constructed buildings